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Click here to join the online Carried  community group to meet and converse with other parents who have also lost their children, but  have chosen to begin the journey to healing and the reclamation of their joy. 


 Thanks to my childhood friend/big sister, Dell Sanders, for sharing your family's journey with the world. I was finally able to sit and read your book. I thank you for your encouragement and reminder to keep holding on to God, especially through the "Genesis Dark". Love you all so much... Lisa H.


A story of triumph over tragedy and as Dell stated in the book BLIND FAITH. Inspiring and well written.

 Margaree M.

 I want to say that this book is a true testament of the Grace of GOD being sufficient and carrying a person through tough times and that his strength is made perfect in our weakness make sure you tell someone about the ministering ability of this book I'm so grateful that I read this book and I speak blessings on your life LOVE YOU much Dell!!! Cedric J.

 WOW! Dell my love and respect for you has endured even more after reading your story. I loved it. Thank you for being transparent and sharing your journey of faith through your trying times. I haven't experienced the loss of losing a child but I could relate on so many levels of dealing with the grief because of the loss of losing my mom at the age of 10. I liked your explanation of " The key is learning to grieve for them without continuously mourning them". I thank God for carrying you through and allowing you the spirit of wanting to bless and help others. Love You 

LaTanya S.

 Deuteronomy 31:6 (courage)The idea that Dell has the courage to share her story speaks volumes and I would recommend this book to any and everyone. People need to see that there are people who have struggled and suffered some devastating make you wanna end your life type blows, but made it. She shows that as long as you have faith and believe in God or a higher power you can get through anything in due time.Dell thanks for sharing your story and I hope you continue to do your ministry as it relates to your story. 

Patricia J.

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